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What are the Best Ways to Make Casino Online Payments?

When you open an account with an online casino, you want to be sure that you can quickly and easily deposit funds and withdraw any winnings. The best operators always make sure that they offer a good variety of casino payments methods so that it couldn’t be easier to get money into and out of your account. Whether you prefer traditional methods of transferring funds or would like to use one of the modern online e-wallet options, the top rated online casinos can accommodate your requirements. Above all, you need to be certain that your chosen method of making online casino deposits is secure and reliable, so that your financial details are not at risk. When you open an account with one of the best online casinos, you can be sure that their casino deposit methods are vetted for their security.

How Secure Are Online Casino Deposits?

While you want to start playing as soon as possible, you also want guarantees of the security of your chosen casino deposit methods. Top online casinos protect their site with powerful firewalls and also with encryption software so that players’ financial and personal details are protected from falling into the wrong hands. Many of the casino payment methods on offer also add extra levels of security that will keep your money safe, while others will even keep your personal information completely private from your chosen casino.

online paymentsWhat to Consider When Choosing Ways of Making Casino Online Payments

While most top casinos offer a broad range of casino payment methods, not all are equally popular. There are several things that you need to consider when choosing the best ways of making casino online payments. Of course transaction speed is one of the most important considerations. The vast majority of online casino users prefer to select methods which allow instant transfer of funds into their account so that they can start playing their favourite games as soon as possible. Some casino deposit methods may take several days for money to appear in your casino account, which is not ideal when you want to participate in gaming straight away. They also want to choose casino payment methods that allow the withdrawal of funds to be speedy and convenient. Some withdrawal methods allow transactions to be processed more rapidly than others, with the fastest methods taking just a couple of days while others may take as long as a week or even longer.
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Some casino deposit methods do not permit withdrawal using the same method, while others allow funds to both be placed into and taken out of accounts. It is usually most convenient to choose a way of making online casino deposits that can also be used to take out any winnings. The amount of fees that may be charged is another factor that is worth consideration, as these can vary from method to method, with some options proving more expensive to use that others. Privacy is another aspect that you may wish to consider if anonymity is important to you. While using more traditional casino online payments such as credit and debit cards gives the casino access to a lot of your personal information, there are other e-wallet methods which keep your details much more private. This also has implications for added security on your financial data. One other consideration which you may wish to think about is the opportunity of benefiting from specific player bonuses and promotions which may be offered to those who use particular casino deposit methods. Often, players who select e-wallet methods like PayPal, Skrill or Neteller can take advantage of special offers aimed directly at them. These may include one-off deposit match bonuses or other advantageous promotions. This may also influence your choice of casino payment methods.

Traditional Online Casino Payments Methods

paymentMany people who choose to play at online casinos still prefer to use traditional or more standard methods of making online casino deposits. Whether they just feel more secure in using a familiar transaction method or would prefer not to sign up for one of the e-wallet options, there are plenty of traditional online casino payments methods to select from.

Bank Transfers

Most of the top online casinos permit users to transfer funds into and out of your gaming account using bank transfers. While this is sometimes considered to be a rather old fashioned way of making payments, in fact it is quite secure and also generally instantaneous, which is convenient for allowing players to start gambling immediately. On the downside, this online casino deposit method allows the casino access to your banking details, and therefore may not be as private as you would like. This can also be a slower method for withdrawal of funds, with bank wire transfers sometimes taking at least a week due to strict banking checks.

Debit and Credit Cards

Using cards is a popular way of making online casino deposits. Quick and convenient, money can be transferred rapidly into your gaming account, however you are revealing a lot of personal and financial information to the casino in question. Opting to use a credit card may be a little more secure than choosing to use a debit card, as large transactions made through Visa, Mastercard or Amex are generally protected by their inclusive insurance. The downside to using a credit card, however, is that you are not using ready funds, but effectively borrowing money in order to gamble. This could be a great temptation for some, who may end up spending much more than they intended and getting into financial difficulties.

The Most Popular E-Wallet Casino Deposit Methods

E-Wallets are now incredibly popular, not just for making online casino payments but for all kinds of internet financial transactions. Whether paying for goods and services, sending money to family or friends, or participating in online sports betting or forex trading, e-Wallets have become one of the most common ways of making transactions. There are lots of different options when it comes to e-Wallets, with some being more popular than others, and one of the major benefits of choosing these methods of payment is that they only enable you to utilise funds that you already possess. This means that it is impossible to run up debts or spend more than you intended which can be a problem if you opt for credit card transactions instead. These are some of the most frequently selected:


paypalPayPal is one of the world’s most well known ways of making and receiving payments, and is America’s default way of making online financial transactions. Suitable for both depositing and withdrawing money, it is a great way of keeping your personal and banking data private, and is fast and convenient. Money can be sent directly to your gaming account for instantaneous use, which makes it a popular choice for making online casino payments.


skrillOnce known as MoneyBookers, Skrill is one of the leading names in e-commerce across the world. As they are regulated by the FSA, players who opt for this payment method can rest assured that they are choosing a secure option. Skrill is available on thousands of casino websites as a convenient payment option, with the added bonus that it keeps the users details private from the casino itself.


NetellerIn its earlier days, Neteller was the most widely selected payment method at online casinos, handling around 80% of internet gambling transactions in 2005. In the last ten years, their popularity has waned somewhat, however they are still known as one of the biggest leading names in online electronic payments. Neteller has a good reputation as a secure way of making financial transactions and is offered by a large number of popular online casinos.

Online Voucher Transaction Methods

Although not as popular as traditional or e-wallet casino payment methods, there are a number of online voucher schemes which can be selected by those looking for different ways to credit their gaming account. UKash and PaySafeCard are two such payment methods which allow users to use a PIN code to deposit funds. This method can only be used for credits and not for withdrawing money so another way of receiving winnings must be used. These methods do represent a good way of keeping your transactions private however, although they are better for smaller deposits rather than large sums.

Making a Decision Between Different Casino Payment Methods

With such a great breadth of choice to select from, it can be hard to know which is the right payment method for you. Many players find it sensible to set up more than one payment option for their account for convenience as this will prevent over-reliance on a single financial source, and provide a back up should you have an unforeseen problem with your preferred method. Not every online casino will offer the same payment methods, so you need to check the one of your choice to make sure that your top method is one of the available options.