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Online gambling is now one of the world’s most popular pastimes. Since the first virtual casinos opened their doors as recently as the mid 1990s, millions of people all over the globe have been drawn to the thrill of the internet gaming environment where they can enjoy all the games that they would play in a land based casino from the comfort of their own home. All of the fun with none of the formality, online casinos now turn over billions of dollars of revenue every year and have millions of registered players from more than 85 countries all over the world where online gambling is now legal. From its Caribbean beginnings, there are now online casinos established on several continents and there are over 1000 Internet casinos plying their trade.
There are so many different operators to choose from that it can be difficult to know which is the right one to pick. Is it better to go with an established name or to opt for one of the newly established casinos? Should you choose one that offers a choice of more than 500 gaming titles or alternatively one that is known for paying out your winnings promptly? While there are lots of essential aspects that you are certain to be looking for from your chosen online casino, such as reliability, current licensing and registration certification and a wide variety of payment methods for deposit and withdrawal, one of the other important factors to consider is the variety and value of the promotions and offers that are available to both new and existing players. Finding the best casino bonus is often one of the highest priorities of those who are looking for a casino with which to register, and getting a good deal may not be as difficult as it sounds.
Today there is a huge amount of competition in the industry, with new casinos opening all the time to take advantage of the lucrative market. There is therefore more need than ever to attract new players and retain existing ones by offering discounts, promotions and deals that make them stand out in the crowd. Offering the best casino promotions is one way to encourage new players to sign up to their website rather than being swayed by the competition, while offering the best casino deals for existing players is the best method of retaining customers who may otherwise be tempted to look elsewhere. With the rivalry between different operators being so fierce, it is easy to see how it is quite simple to snag a top online casino bonus. New casinos that are emerging in the market need to quickly establish their place in order to become successful, so they are keen to offer an array of incredible promotions to attract their first registrations. Meanwhile, casinos that have been around for a while need to up their game so that they don’t lose business to younger and more vibrant companies, so they pull out all the stops to offer players the best casino bonus that they can. Wise players can use the best online casino deals to their advantage and maximise their winnings by benefiting from these excellent financial incentives.

What Kinds of Top Online Casino Bonus Deals Can I Benefit From?

By simply browsing the web, it is easy to see that there are a host of different bonuses and promotional deals being offered by all of the best online casinos. While they all vary from operator to operator, there are many that have similar themes in common. Here are some of the most popular top online casino bonus deals available today:
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2 200% 100%
3 $200 100%
4 $4,000 100%
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9 €750 100%
10 $1,600 100%

The Welcome Bonus

Perhaps the most common of all the various types of bonus, the welcome bonus is designed to persuade new players to take the plunge and to register with their site. Sometimes known as the sign up bonus, this deal is extended to all players who are signing up with their online casino for the first time, and they can benefit from the offer as soon as they open an account and, in some cases, make their initial deposit. There are a few different welcome bonuses that you can find from the best online casinos, however the most commonly spotted is the deposit match bonus. This means that the casino will boost the sum of your initial deposit, by either matching it so you effectively have twice as much cash to play with, or by increasing the sum by a certain percentage from their own pocket. As you would expect, there is usually a cap on the amount of deposit they will match, but this could be a value as high as £500. This is often considered to be one of the best online casino deals because it extends your play time, increases your opportunities to try out different games, and also gives you a greater chance of winning.

The No Deposit Bonus

Some players consider that the no deposit bonus is one of the best online casino offers. This type of promotion enables new players to experiment with a new operator and to try out their gaming environment free of charge. This is a great temptation for anyone who is interested in trying their hand at online gambling but is worried about risking any of their own money. It is also a popular choice with those who fancy having a go at an unfamiliar game without losing any of their own deposit. This is one of the most common bonus types offered by the newly established casinos as it is a good way of attracting players from other established casinos while drawing in those who have never tried online gambling before. With this bonus type, the online casino gives the player a sum of money free of charge. Without ever needing to deposit any funds, all the user needs to do is to register for a gaming account, complete the necessary personal details and then they will have an amount forwarded to them by the casino themselves. This allows them to start playing their favourite games immediately. Depending on the casino’s policy, the amount given could be as low as $5 or as high as $50, although generally the amounts are reasonably small.
Nevertheless, whatever the amount, the idea of getting something for nothing is very appealing and so this promotion is generally an extremely successful one. On the downside, this sort of deal has a lot of strings attached to it, so before signing up for any offer of this type you should ensure that you check all of the small print very carefully. There tend to be many restrictions over the use of the bonus money as well as on withdrawals, so to avoid disappointment, you should thoroughly read all of the terms and conditions involved.

Regular Bonuses

casino offersWhile lots of the best casino promotions are aimed at new players, there are lots of top online casino bonus deals aimed at existing users too. The top rated casinos always make sure never to forget to reward their loyal customers by giving them the chance to benefit from regular promotions which may be every day, every week or on a regular day once a month. There are several different forms that these offers may take, sometimes being free spins or free chips to spend on different games or perhaps a reload bonus to top up your gaming account. Whichever promotional form the deal takes, the intention is the same, to keep the interest of existing players and to encourage their return again and again in order to spend more money in their online casino.

One Off Holiday Offers

The best online casinos take advantage of all the major events throughout the year and use them as a target of promotional offers. Holidays like Christmas, New Year and Easter can be harnessed to encourage new sign ups and to persuade regular players to spend more money by offering the best casino bonus offers at these times of year. There is always a time limit on these offers, so players have to hurry to take advantage of them. As well as festivals and public holidays, other well known days and sporting events across the course of the year are the source of promotional offers, such as St Patrick’s Day and the World Cup.

Opportunities to Win Real World Prizes

While the true bread and butter of online casinos is the cash prize, there are other inventive ways of attracting and rewarding players. One of the other main attractions for both existing and new players is the chance to win a real world prize in a special promotional offer. While these deals are not too frequent, they are appealing enough to attract a lot of attention whenever they are introduced. Players enjoy the chance to win all kinds of prizes from gadgets, computers and tickets to sporting events to lucrative rewards like all expenses paid holidays and luxury cars.

Promotions for VIPs

If you consider yourself to be a high rolling player, you will be looking for the top online casino bonus to meet your requirements. High rolling players are essential to the success of online casinos so they are keen to reward their loyal VIP players by extending a package of special offers and bonus deals specially tailored to the needs of those who intend to spend large sums on gambling. Often these promotions are much more attractive than the deals aimed at mainstream players, for example a 50% extra bonus on top of a current offer, or a special tournment arranged exclusively for high rolling players to participate in.


Although tournaments are not exactly the same thing as a promotion, they are a good way of persuading a number of new players to register with the casino and to encourage already registered players to remain loyal and to spend more. There are only a limited number of places within each tournament, and as they are extremely popular, an early sign up is necessary to ensure that you are in with a chance of winning the prizes and jackpots on offer.

Loyalty Programmes

casino bonusesThe majority of the top rated online casinos ensure that they offer the best online casino offers to encourage players to remain loyal to their brand. Part of this is offering the opportunity to join a loyalty scheme or programme, which will generally award customers with a certain number of credits for every bet that they place. This sum will mount up over time, allowing for these credits to be exchanged for free spins or free games in the casino. Sometimes there are different tiers of loyalty schemes with the opportunity to advance up the scale and to benefit from better promotions as you spend more money with the operator. Others offer a special loyalty scheme aimed specifically at those high rolling VIP players, while some have loyalty clubs that are aimed directly at those who prefer to play a particular genre of game, for example, slots, where they will be offered the best casino promotions for their chosen category.

Are There Any Pitfalls to Avoid When Looking for the Top Online Casino Bonus?

With the dizzying assortment of bonuses on offer from online casinos today, it can be very easy to be dazzled and to forget to use common sense when choosing the best casino bonus. You should take care never to get carried away and to always pay close attention to all the terms and conditions before agreeing to any offer or promotion as there are generally lots of strings attached to every deal. The best online casino offers may not be as tempting once you have read the fine print, and indeed you may even find that they are not applicable to you. The usefulness of any promotion and its value will depend on lots of aspects so reading all the conditions is an absolute priority. These are some of the common restrictions and conditions you may encounter when looking for the top online casino bonus:

Wager Requirements

Often, there is a required to wager a certain sum of money before you can withdraw any of the winnings gained by using the bonus amount from your gaming account. There are variations on the amount, however it could be up to 30 times the bonus offer, so more signing up, check that you are prepared to bet such a large amount.

Time Restrictions

There is frequently a time limit on some bonuses, and should the time period elapse without the bonus being spent or the wager requirements being bet, the offer will be null and void.

Withdrawal Limit

There is often a cap placed on withdrawal amounts. Some casinos put a restriction on the total sum which may be taken out of a player’s account in a month, but there is also often a withdrawal limit cap placed on bonuses. In short, this means that even if you win a lot of money, you can only withdraw a maximum of the amount stated in the terms and conditions due to the capped limit on winnings.

What is the Best Casino Bonus?

Many potential players ask which is the best casino bonus, however there is no one way to respond to this question. Different promotions and bonuses are best suited to different players, according to their style of play, their preferences and how much money they are prepared to spend. Some casinos extend specific bonuses to those who have a preference for one type of game, while others give special offers to those who opt for a particular type of payment method such as Skrill, PayPal or Neteller. The important thing is to choose an online casino that offers the best casino promotions for your preferences. You should also remember that while it is nice to benefit from an attractive welcome bonus, you should also consider the offers extended to existing players so that there is still plenty to keep you interested once the welcome deal has expired. When you have a good understanding of the various online casino promotions and bonuses as well as an idea of the pitfalls you may encounter in the small print of these offers, you are in a strong position to find the best casino bonus to meet your own specific requirements. One important thing to remember though is that however attractive a one off sign up bonus may be, the overall casino user experience is the most important consideration in making a final choice about which operator to sign up with.