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Find the Best Online Casino Offering Baccarat

Baccarat is a popular game that isn’t as nearly complicated to play as it may seem. While it may have once been a game played only by the rich aristocracy, and secret agents, it can now be enjoyed by anyone at a baccarat casino online. A basic understanding will be required before you play online casino baccarat. But you won’t need to spend hours learning it and then practicing.

Read our guide and see for yourself how easy it is to play. We will go through the rules and the different variants of baccarat available at online casinos so that you can choose the best version for you.

You Need to Learn the Basic Rules

learn the rules and the details of the baccarat table

Before you start playing baccarat at an online casino, there are some important rules you need to understand. Unless you’re playing live dealer baccarat, the game is completely automated, and most casinos will have the same house rules. Be warned that there are some exceptions, so check before you risk any real money. When it comes to looks, baccarat is very similar to blackjack.

But the difference is that there are no decisions to make, apart from which hand to bet on. Basically, the game uses 6 decks of cards and there are two participants, you and the banker. You each get dealt a hand and to win you’ll have to pick the hand with the highest total. The highest is a 9 and the lowest is 0. You have a number of options when it comes to betting. Bet on yourself, the banker, a tie or a combination of all three.

Card Values

The first thing you need to understand is the value of the cards. Picture cards and tens are worth 0. Aces are worth 2 and cards from 2-9 keep their face value. When playing casino baccarat online your score is the total of the cards in your hand.

The best hand is a 9. If the value of your hand is more than 9, as in double figures, it is only the right-hand number that counts. For example, imagine your cards are a 9 and an 8. The total is 17 but only the 7 counts as your score.

The aim when playing at an online baccarat casino is to get as close to 9 as is possible. Two hands are dealt, and both are face down. A player can choose to bet for the banker, themselves or for there to be a tie. Then you have to decide how much. 8 points (Le Petit) or 9 points (Le Grande) are the ultimate winning hands.

If these numbers are dealt in the first hands the round comes to an end. If there is a tie this will also end the round. Any other total and the dealer can give you another card, depending on the total. The decision as to whether another card will be dealt is made automatically, by the games software.

You Only Need to Worry about Three Different Bets

Betting at the best online baccarat casino is not very complicated at all. There are only three options. You can bet on the banker to win, the player to win or for there to be a tie. If you want to place a tie bet the odds offered are very poor and our advice is not to bother.

When you want to place a bet, you make it in the appropriate betting box before any cards are dealt on the table. You have to decide on your bet before you know what your cards are. With no other options for making a bet you’re probably wondering what the odds of them are.

Now you appreciate how easy the game is to play and can understand why it has become so popular. However, this does bring a small negative to the table. Sometimes, playing at a baccarat online casino can get a little boring. However, this downside is often equaled out by the variety of baccarat games you can play.

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The Best Baccarat Online Casino Will Offer a Range of Games

playing baccarat at the casino

The simplicity of online baccarat can sometimes make it a little boring to play it just like it happens when playing keno for long periods of time. However the number of different variants available can make the game more interesting. All the variants have one aim and that’s to get the highest possible hand, preferably a 9. There are a number of different versions you might encounter but the following are the most common.

Punto Banco (American)

This is the most common game to be found in the US, Canada and Australia. We’ve already covered the rules for this version of the game and it’s the most popular online baccarat casino game.

Chemin de Fer

This online baccarat casino game is played mostly in Europe. It is also called European baccarat. There are a number of ways it differs from American baccarat. The players do all the dealing and the banker’s role goes around the table. The player also has the choice to stand or take another card if the total of the cards in their hand is five. This version is not that widespread online and is played in land-based casinos, particularly in France.

Baccarat en Banque

Another European version of the game that uses three decks of cards. The player who is willing to take the biggest risk can take the banker’s role. The drawing rules are very similar to Chemin de Fer but only one banker’s hand is dealt.

Live dealer baccarat

Live dealer games have become very popular in a number of online casinos, so it was no surprise that live baccarat was added to the menu. More and more people are craving a more lifelike experience including friendly banter and the atmosphere that comes from playing with real people.

Live dealer baccarat comes in many variations, for example with a squeeze option in which the dealer squeezes the cards before revealing them, progressive baccarat with a side bet for a jackpot, and live VIP baccarat with betting that will suit the high rollers.

Mini baccarat

This is the last version we’ll be mentioning here. It’s a game that’s very similar to regular baccarat but on a smaller scale. The bets are smaller, the table smaller and there’s only one dealer managing the action. In live mini baccarat, you can play alone against the dealer.

Time to Get Playing

You’ve got all you need now to start playing online casino baccarat. It’ll take a little practice to become completely au fait with the game so get in as much as you can before playing for real money at the best online baccarat casino.